What Is New With Our Tri-State Area Airports

In an attempt to keep you informed about current events and issues affecting your business traveling, below are a few of the most recent reports surrounding our tri-state region airports: LaGuardia, Kennedy, Newark Liberty, and Westchester County Airports.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has set up a life-size”avatar” in Newark Liberty International Airport. The two-way electronic hologram of a uniformed lady is called Libby and can consult with travelers and supply automated answers to queries.

Libby is the first of 3 avatars in tri-state region airports – two avatars will be set up by mid-August in LaGuardia Airport’s Central Terminal Building and Kennedy Airport’s Terminal 5, according to a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey press launch Newark airport limo service. The 3 avatars collectively cost a total of $180,000, and therefore are a part of a program established in May to boost customer support at airports. The program also has docking stations for laptops and phones, and 70 brand new client support personnel at Newark, Kennedy and LaGuardia.

John F. Kennedy Airport is famous around the world for a hub of global travel, but scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gave it another differentiation: JFK is that the amount one”super-spreader” of infectious diseases among airports.

MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering looked in the 40 greatest American airports to ascertain what role they perform, if any, in spreading infectious ailments. For the analysis, the investigators assessed a airport’s place, number of relations, and waiting days to make a mathematical model that determined how quickly infectious disease might spread in 15 days in the airport. A airport’s”top germ spreader” standing doesn’t automatically signify that the airport is either germ free or disease-ridden-instead, it means that the airport is a predictor for the way the infectious disorder would spread from this airport across the world.

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• Westchester County Airport Awarded Over $1.6 Million for Renovations. In July, Westchester County Airport has been granted two grant agreements totaling over $1 million to finance security and environmental improvement attempts in the airport.

The BOL also amended the 2012 Capital Budget to cover the County’s share of jobs involving storm water direction and ideology rehab.

The laws for its grant agreements obtained unanimous, bipartisan support in the BOL, and so are also suggested for passing by Westchester County Executive Robert Astorino, then vetted through Westchester County’s Planning and Budget departments.

Among the FAA grant agreements would be to get a storm water control project where the FAA provides 90 percent of their costs. The remaining 10 percent will come in the Airport Special Revenue Funds, which isn’t determined by the County tax levy.

The next grant will be utilised to finance the rehabilitation of Taxiway”A,” for example updates of mark, lighting, drainage and signage of the northern segments of the taxiway. Both grants total $1.1 million, without a charge to the County’s taxpayers, along with the remaining $110,000 in prices coming in the Airport Special Revenue Fund.

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